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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

THG Star Dragon

I've just finished a site for my friend ame to help advertise her books.

Always a good thing making new sites :) I've a few more to do, will probably crack on some more today, Rachel's at work for another hour and a half which sucks but shes getting paid so that's always a good thing.

Had a go at fixing one of Rachel's friends pcs, everything seems fine except it doesn't display video and there's no bios beep, since I don't have the equipment with me to test out what's wrong (probably a duff motherboard since the video is integrated) I've taken the contents of the my documents folders out so at least the docs have been retrieved.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Alt+3 = #

Well I'm sat here on my brand spanking new mac book pro, and thought to myself when I went to write a CSS sheet...where's the # key?

There isn't one!!! You have to use alt+3 to get it randomly weird :P