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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Windows Update Error 80073715

I recently reformatted my windows partition on my mac because of a DHCP error which wouldn't go away using MS support site.

Now when updating for 2 updates I got the error 80073715, the solution bizzarely enough is to uninstall the last update you install (regardless of what the last update was) bizzare I know but it works.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

iPod touch / iPhone mail reply-to

I use gmail to pool my email addresses into one account, now I have an iPod touch and wanted to send from one address that isn't the same as the login address to do this instead of choosing gmail when adding the account choose other and set the "Address" field to the address you want to send from and all the other details the same as your main address then it will be sent from the address you specified in the "Address" field

Monday, 20 July 2009

Jquery click() event and submitting a form with radio buttons

According to the JQuery documentation a click() is a mouse press down then up, then the click action by this logic the click should occur after changes to whatever has been clicked happen.

This is not the case (or at least not in firefox 3 I've not checked other browsers).

I had a form which contained a set of radio buttons and images, the images were surrounded by the

Saturday, 18 July 2009


PHP 5.1.20 for EMAMP has been released and can be downloaded via the normal EMAMP web installation, or you can download it from sourceforge

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

JQuery floating table header

I've created a page for a client that lists a number of products in a table, since the table can sometimes be quite large the header falls off the top of the screen, so I've had a play with some JQuery and CSS and come up with a solution.

As the user scrolls down the page and hovers over a tag the header appears under the if the user hovers for more than a second, this is so it doesn't appear while scrolling.




if($(this).attr("id")!="product-admin-floating-header" && $("#product-admin-floating-header").length==0 && $(this).attr("id")!="product-admin-table-header")
//$(this).animate({opacity: 1.0},500,"swing",
// function()
// {
$("#product-admin-floating-header").animate({opacity: 1},1000,"swing", function()
// }
// );

:hover pseudo class and spans

I was just working on a page that when hovering over an element it would change the background colour, the element in question was a span tag. The CSS I was using was

border:1px solid black;

which works fine and dandy in Safari 4...I noticed it did diddly squat in Firefox 3.5, the solution change it to

border:1px solid black;
It seems FF needs the element type when using :hover and alike.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

JQuery offline manual

Recently I was working on a script using JQuery while offline and wanted to reference the ajax apis...damn! I didn't have the offline manual.

So next time I was online I did a quick google and found the following.

But ahhh macs can't read chm files natively which is where comes in perfect! I can now view the JQuery manual offline.

On another note, the new sourceforge layout looks way better and is so much easier to navigate.