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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

iPhoto Screensaver and Desktop Missing

The other day my fiancé had a strange problem with her iPhoto, being the sentimental type she wanted to have her screen saver and desktop as random pics from iPhoto, but the iPhoto option was missing from desktop and screensaver.

Ok so first I think permissions!...Nope they're all fine I ran disk utility, and used the install disk to repair the home directory ACLs I even went in and chmod'd the damn library.

After a while I gave up and called apple, they went through diagnostics, turned out it was just this single library that was busted, after an hour the engineer instructed me to create a new library and import stuff.

This while solving the problem left all the facebook albums missing, since my fiancé has a thing for facebook I couldn't just leave it at that, so this morning I had another crack.

Turns out some photo dates were corrupt (when I say corrupt I mean -2147483641/07/21221 an impossible date) after selecting all the corrupt photos and using "Batch Change" (note adjust date/time didn't work) and setting the date to today's date it fixed the problem! Yay.

I have left feedback with apple about the issue.